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All Pāli baskets are handwoven, and imperfections naturally add character. However, our "Not Quite Perfect" baskets have not quite made the cut to sell at full retail price.

Sustainability is important to us and we are always striving to minimise our impact as a business. No basket gets left behind! We know that these baskets will be happy with their new owners that appreciate their unique quirkiness and wonkiness. Even though they are "Not Quite Perfect," this shouldn't affect their longevity or wear.



This is the most common imperfection of our "Not Quite Perfect" range.
Baskets often become squished in transport from Myanmar as they are the last basket of a row, at the bottom of a stack, squished into a corner or have a lot of weight on them. There are varying levels of squished baskets, from mild to very squished, depending on where the squish is (corners are the most common) and how long the basket has been squished for. Most of the time, any level of squish will not jeopardise the longevity of baskets.  
Sometimes for mild to medium squishes, weight and use over time will naturally fix the basket. Alternatively soaking in boiling water (baskets are fully waterproof) then stuffing can help bounce baskets back into shape a bit.
We think a squished basket's wonkiness is cute, but if you would like to try and reshape: 

  1. Fully submerge basket in hot-boiling water for 5 minutes. A laundry sink is usually the perfect size.
  2. Take basket out of water and place on a towel. Use other towels to stuff well, you want it nice and tight. For specific area squishes such as the corners, make sure you tightly fill this area with stuffing.  
  3. Leave overnight and voila! Hopefully this has reshaped you basket a little bit or a lot :)

*These steps can also be followed if you ever need to reshape your basket for any reason - did you accidentally run over it with your car? Oopsies, this might help.



We are always trying new things here at Pāli HQ, and our weavers in Myanmar are often experimenting. 



For our Shorties, their imperfections come from the weaving process. The strips of strapping are a tiny bit too short to reach the top frame the whole way around. This should not jeopardise the baskets longevity, as they are tightly woven, but we can't be 100% sure. Love your Shorty as is or use a blob of strong fabric or super glue to secure its short bit(s) in place. The frame is also unravelling, this shouldn't affect the wear but you could try and tuck/glue also. 



Our Sliced baskets have been accidentally cut in two sections (refer to photos for reference). This is likely to have occurred when opening and unpacking rice sacks we are shipped in from Myanmar. Like shorty baskets, this should not jeopardise the longevity as they are tightly woven, but we can't be 100% sure. However, a blob of strong fabric or super glue can be used to secure the cut strip in place if you like. Sliced baskets are still perfectly functional and beautiful :) 



Our cute Wonky baskets have a corner that is a bit squished, so their body is slanted and slightly wonkier than other baskets. We hope you can appreciate our wonky baskets as unique :) Please look at the photos carefully to see its dints.  


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