Pallet strapping is a versatile material used in many industries. Like most other plastics, strapping can be economically recovered and recycled into new plastic products. As plastic is not biodegradable in landfill, recycling is extremely important as it reduces the demand for petroleum in which plastics are derived. There is already too much plastic in circulation, complete eradication is unrealistic, but recycling gives us an opportunity to close the loop, slowing down the production of new plastics.

Many PET plastic products such as bottles are recycled into plastic strapping.



Plastics collected for recycling are sorted and baled into their different codes. Large contaminants are removed before the plastic is shredded and then washed to remove small contaminants. The plastic is then melted and made into small pellets. These pellets are sold to suitable companies for the production of new plastic products. Strapping is often processed into compost bins, crates, floor mats, containers, pipes, plant pots and textile cones.



Baskets are woven from a combination of new, reused and recycled colourful pallet strapping. Recycled materials are not always available but we are continually working on new ways to make this more achievable.  

Recycled strapping is made from plastic bottles and other plastics collected from gutters, streets and beaches. This not only helps clean up the local environment, but provides a small income for collectors. Factories are local in Myanmar and neighbouring Thailand. 



Pāli Market baskets are fully recyclable at the end of their lives when disassembled, and Passionfruit baskets are recyclable when handles and bases (bamboo and rattan) are removed.

Please reach out to us if you are considering recycling a basket yourself to ensure this is done correctly. There is likely to be a pallet strapping recycling depot near you, however not all facilities process this material so it is important to check first.

Check depots near your house here:

Alternatively we offer free shipping for baskets to be returned to us for correct recycling.

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