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Our Story

Pali was born in a remote village in Myanmar. In awe of the Burmese people and their traditional weaving methods that have been passed down through generations, our collaboration began.

We are a mother-daughter team based in Melbourne, Australia and have since been working closely with our local guide and interpreter, who have enabled us to interact and trade directly with the villagers and bring their craft to the world. 

Baskets are woven from reused pallet strapping and recycled plastic.

Discarded pallet strapping is collected off the streets, often waste from factories or transport and packing industries. This strapping is layered to create strength in the baskets and also used for joining handles and bases on Passionfruit baskets. Clean, colourful strapping is made from recycled plastic bottles and other plastics collected from gutters, streets and beaches. This not only helps clean up the environment, but provides a small income for collectors. 

Handles are made from rattan (a native climbing palm with long stems) purchased from local farmers, which has been stripped of thorns, cleaned, then moulded into a round handle. The base is made from bamboo also purchased from local farmers, which is turn supports their lifestyle.

Traditional and Market style baskets are used by locals, including the monks, in their daily lives to carry shopping, fresh produce, flowers and fresh fish. They are durable, strong and long-lasting. 

We work with around 250 skilled artisan weavers, traditionally led by the female head of the village. They work in the comfort of their own homes where they can care for their families and tend to daily chores.

Development opportunities have been limited for rural Burmese villages due to economic restrictions. Trading directly and placing on-going orders translates to secure employment for the villagers and wider community. This, in turn, provides financial security and the ability to educate families and plan for the future.


We are proud to support our weavers, their amazing skills and traditions.

Direct Trade / Ethical    

*Pali is a middle Indo-Aryan language that had a profound influence on shaping the Burmese vocabulary.

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