Small Sample2**

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Small Sample2**
Small Sample2**
Small Sample2**

 Hello I am a sample basket. I was made as a trial to get an idea of colour and sizing. I am perfectly functional :) Please notice I am squished and some of my strapping is coming undone on the corner. A blob of strong glue may help here. Please look carefully at my photos.


Approximate size: L:32cm D:17cm H:24cm H(with handle):36cm

*There might be slight variation up to 2cm as each basket is individually handwoven. 

The Burmese traditional weaving methods have been passed down for generations.

Each Pāli basket is individually handwoven from a combination of new, reused and recycled pallet strapping.

Recycled materials are not always available but we are continually working on new ways to make this more achievable.  

Baskets are fully recyclable at the end of their very long lives. Contact us for information on how to recycle correctly. 

*please note: Modelled basket is just a size example. Colour is per product photo*   

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